• Binatone Di-1255...

    Binatone Irons give life to your outfits with amazing features that care for every fabric uniquely and powerful performance that always result in crispy smooth results. Buy Binatone Irons on 9jahub at the best prices in Nigeria.

    This Binatone Iron is Strong and Long Lasting. It Dries and smoothes Clothes fast. It is  fast and efficient. It is a must have in every home and offices. It is durable and easy to clean


    Binatone Di-1255...

  • Binatone Dry...

    Binatone Dry Iron with Spray is an essential home appliance for ironing your clothes. This Dry Iron has a non-stick soleplate coating that concentrates pressure at the center of the iron for effective ironing. When you iron with this Binatone dry, it will reach into all the areas that will normally not be touched by other pressing irons. It will remove any trace of wrinkles from your clothes, making sure you stay clean and fresh all day. It is lightweight and it comes with a water measuring cup that will help you get the right quantity of water needed for effective ironing. The Binatone Dry Iron with Spray has an adjustable temperature control knob that will properly regulate the temperature for effective ironing. It will ensure that your clothing items will not get burnt. It has an iron temperature-ready indicator light which displays signals that allows you know if the temperature setting is on or off. The non-stick coating at the base of this 1200W iron will help the electric pressing iron glide smoothly and effortlessly over different fabrics. Ironing will no longer be a difficult thing to do with this Dry Iron; you can now do all your ironing on your own and save cost on dry cleaning.


    Binatone Dry...

  • Binatone Powerful...

    1. Water spray makes ironing a pleasure
    2. Remove tough creases instantaneously
    3. Non-stick soleplate for effortless ironing
    4. Puts new life to your garment
    5. Saves time and energy
    6. Variable temperature control knob
    7. Temperature light indicator
    8. 150ml large water tank with measuring cup
    9. Easy to store
    10. Power 1100-1300W

    Binatone Powerful...


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